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CMS History

In 1996 Charney Marketing Services opened its doors on Long Island, New York with two pens, two desks and an idea.  Our mission was to become a top level insurance wholesaler, offer unparalleled service and provide access to a wide selection of both standard and excess & surplus carriers to accommodate all of your clients’ needs. We would offer the same commitment regardless the size of the agency or risk.  We have designed our organization around the customer, not the line of business. Through hard work and a dedication to our clients, CMS, LLC has realized that vision. 

Not willing to stand on our laurels, in 2009 CMS, LLC joined forces with Combined Underwriters Inc. and today has become one of the premier wholesalers in the metropolitan area. Together, the expanded company offers a wide range of experience and services the meet the needs of smallest agent to the largest. 

With Locations in Long Island, New York City and Florida and licensed in over 35 states, we can provide access to over 60 insurance carriers covering the smallest policy to the largest risk.  Our professional underwriter’s extensive experience in the insurance industry allows them to provide creative cutting edge solutions in a dynamic marketplace and complicated economic times. They stand ready to work with your office to provide service from top to bottom.

By having a sense of urgency, adding a personal touch and sticking to basics, we here at CMS, LLC will …

…put the pieces together for you and your client.

Who We Are

CMS, LLC. is a full service professional insurance wholesaler, who has served clients throughout the United States area since 1996. Representing over 60 Standard and Excess Lines carriers has given our firm the unique capability to serve both the small independent retail agent and the very largest. With access to the personal and commercial lines product offerings from our carriers, few risks will pose any placement challenges that cannot be met.

Our mission from the beginning has been to serve you and your clients with unparalleled service; the best coverage at an affordable price; and a commitment to “putting the pieces together” regardless of the size of your customer or your agency.

At CMS, LLC we don’t just look to our underwriters to provide service to our clients.  It is our philosophy that everyone in our organization, from our receptionist to the President, has an obligation to provide the highest quality of service.

We offer a claims department to assist with your office’s needs in the event of loss.  We stand ready work with our carriers, agents and brokers to help make sure your client has all the help they need to navigate the claims process.

We also take pride in our accounting department. We know that you are in business to generate revenue and its our departments goal to make sure you receive commissions due to your office on a timely basis.  In addition our accounting professionals stand ready work to with your staff to answer any questions they may have.

We are extremely proud of the culture and organization we have built over the past two decades, including the opening of our Florida Office to service the state of Florida and other Southeastern CAT states in 2008. Bottom line, we are here for you. As you browse our website we believe you’ll sense our desire to be your dedicated wholesaler, in a complex and often confusing puzzle, known as the insurance industry.

Thank you for your business and support!

What We Do

At CMS, LLC are constantly striving towards excellence in customer service by providing our valued clients with the utmost Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity, Personalized service, quick turnaround times, greater convenience, and a wide variety of Personal, Commercial, Professional, and Specialized lines of Insurance Services.

CMS, LLC, LLC is licensed in over 35 states and represents over 60 carriers. Our blend of standard markets and excess & surplus carriers allows CMS, LLC to handle almost any risk. We can help your office put the pieces together for those complicated risks to create a comprehensive package offering top coverage’s at a price that's just right for your client. In addition to our commercial lines we can provide access to several personal lines markets in both the standard and non-standard areas.

Our staff will work with your office to provide your client with the product best suited for their needs at the best price. We consider our agents not just customers, but business partners. We value your feedback and are always striving to make improvements to better serve our partners.

CMS, LLC, LLC works with a wide range of agents, from some of the largest agencies to the small 1-2 person shop. If you are a small agency with limited direct markets, CMS, LLC can provide your office the access to a wide variety of markets giving you the tools for a successful practice. Our marketing professionals stand ready to work with your underwriters to make sure that your clients receive the best possible product at a competitive premium.

Contact us today to discuss your insurance options. Our professionals are ready to work with your office to give you the edge you need to be successful in a competitive market.

Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to serving you.

~ The CMS, LLC Team

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